June 26, 2012

wow. I haven't been here since January. Heh. Been a little busy ;D Synopsis: 5 weeks spent at home (on the rock) spread over two trips in Jan/Feb and May/June. Always enlightening and as always, too short. 2nd trip made with the manchild and we didn't get sick of each other till I was squishing him on the plane ride back to canada. Bathroom reno completed. Condo repainting job, completed. Over 40 bags and and a number of bags of stuff reused recycled or tossed. The daddio had a really rough spot and is now zipping along on his scooter sticking his nose into everyone's business (and I wonder where I get it from). Several new babies and two weddings in the framily. Work went from frenzied to caught up (but only for three weeks) and is heading toward frenzied once again. The children are good, the grand kids a year older and ready to be done the schoolyear tomorrow. Some misplaced friends have been returned, and too many have left since we last chatted. Lost a few pounds, but nowhere near enough to make me happy, yet I still cave for poutine. Bah! I should be able to put the condo on the market next month. Wish me luck, adventuring we go...

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