June 28, 2012

The last two days of humidity and high heat have made me homesick. I know, not mi home yet, but heart is mostly there. I come back with fewer bits of myself every trip. One foot on the ground & my soul restakes its roots into the bare bones of the rock, eating earth, drinking sea, burgeoning lifevines reconnecting mi to that which has ben missing. The beats. Lyrics consistently reminding that paradise is only one side of the coin. Underscoring that the more intense the beauty, the uglier the grimmer side of reality becomes. The music flowing counterpoint with the breath of the ocean, a kajillion part harmony that infests the senses. A singular voice filters through the cacophony of fishermen, hawkers, and trades people. A language foreign yet maddeningly familiar awakening every fibre, every nerve, seeking the source of the low timbre that matches the beating of your heart. There. There he is.


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Just checking in to see if you've been blogging!

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