February 21, 2011

the too long weekend

Caught up with family, framily and famdamnily.
Wings at eagles,bbq, key lime pie at Table 10, grilled roasted beef at Kory's, stirfry with Devi, brekky with the girls, scrabble with Mailibu, bday drinks with Tararaboomdeay. Errands, and stuff for annette, gardening supplies and a pressure cooker, lottery tickets for Sheri and I. Martinis with Shane & Joe for the bday, shenanigans at OHans, coffee with Amanda's crew & cocktails with Patty's. Cleared some more crap out of my room, fought, almost lost but eventually won the battle between the cold and the running of the dAKar. Groceries, APPLE PIE, gas and fuel injection cleaner. Serious Martguerita's, Mikes Hard and a bottle of Wolf Blass along with great company. Today's plans all awry, Dan called away and Murray sick.

Murray promoted to THE chef at Table 10, looks like Chris may have a handle on a better job, Autumn made the range team (we nordquist girls seem to have an exceptional aptitude with weapons)The kitchen reno is delayed a week and Deb is off to Cowtown tomorrow.

Then its back to crazytown fallout from the fullmoon and the highrise stack of work on my desk that I need to clear before the boss gets back next Monday.



Abigail Road said...

All of you Regina folk have been talking about Table 10? What's that?

dk said...

Used to be Quality Tea Room, then Crushed Grape.

New owner - new name and EXCELLENT food. Murray is the CHEF and in charge of the entire kitchen. Makes me a proud mumzy. Pretty good for a 28 year old!

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