February 16, 2011

past the ides of February

... and just realized that I am missing half the holiday stuff. searching.

In the meantime:
My big news this week is about my shopping trip on Sunday. As we know I have been losing inches - and I have almost pantsed myself at work when my black pants got too loose. So I took my fanatical paranoia of to Penningtons (they had a sale on) and determined that I was not leaving until I had a pair of pants that fit me.

Two armloads of pants into the dressing room, the sales girl shaking her head, and an hour and a half later, I found a pair that I liked AND were too big. OH NO I wailed to myself in my head. They're TOO big... and for sure the next size down will be TOO small... wahhhhhh. At that point the sales girl was starting to worry about me and came to my rescue as I threw the pants in question over the door and whispered "bring me a size smaller please" as if a normal voice would shrink any clothes she brought me.

Voila - she brings me the pair I like by MXM a brand that I have not been able to wear because they don't go as large as I used to be. (They say they do but they fit a size small) and it is 2 sizes smaller than what I was wearing in December. I swear I sat in that changing room staring at them for 15 minutes before I would even attempt them.

Hola my friend - they fit (they're a bit stretchy) but they fit well! OMG.... only $45. and then I found 2 more pair of same style different season for $10 each. I have now worn each pair to work - keepers all and tonight I am going home and tossing every pair of jeans I own larger than the ones I have on. (And my ass looks terrific ;)

And I started deep water aquafit (Y MCA north)yesterday - twice a week, and I think there is aquacize at the Y downtown twice a week too, and once the ice is gone I'll be walking to work again.

Woop Woop - we'll see how long this lasts ;)

However, the big fat lump that used to be my back is in the process of melting and has been reduced to what look like they may be side curves and 6 baby back breasts.

These days its all about finding that balance baby!

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