November 22, 2010

monday ... brrrrrr

...and the weekend whizzed past with whirling snow and freeze your tootsies chilly, the todo list remains incomplete, but the decisions for countertop and door insets were made. I am trying to maintain the ambience of my 96 year old condo while bringing the kitchen up to snuff. Solid oak with lots of pot drawers, modern drawer inserts, some glass cabinetry and peekaboo inserts for the top cupboards so I can drag out the good china from the basement boxes. Highlighted with stainless appliances large and small and smooth round stainless stell racking for the sink wall. Now I only have to decide which of the two drastically different harware patterns will work the best.... damn, I like them both.

Pints with a couple friends, brunch with others and an overdue coffee date with my PJ. Took some pictures of the geese all huddled on the lake and went on a tour of the Homes for the Holidays with my seester.

I did not get the laundry done so that'll have to be tonight.


Schmutzie said...

What the hell are the geese still doing here?! That's ridiculous.

Abigail Road said...

Can't wait to see the renos when complete....keep warm!

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