November 02, 2010

blink ...

thank you crackbook.

A couple of months ago I ran into an old friend - strike that - a friend from the olden days and we got to chatting. Catching up - finding out what we'd been doing etc. That incident triggered the old back brain files, long tucked away in a shadowy, pre-first marriage corner, to start chirping for attention from the forebrain. I started wondering about people I hadn't seen nor heard much of for 35 years. (real olden days OMG!) So I decided to start hunting some of them up on crackbook.

Lo and behold, though many of them are not aficionados of technology, a few of them were.

So today, Kelly and Sean and I went for coffee, which turned into 3 hours of sharing, many hugs, catching up and making plans to stay in touch this time.

Like magic, all I had to do was close my eyes and I was immediately transported to the week after I was released from juvenile hall ... the voices were almost exactly the same, a little smokey and rough around the edges, but I swear that for a few moments I was 15 again. Those voices made my heart lift. I haven't had any friends that didn't originate until after I was 19 for a very very long time. It's good to know that at least a few of us (rather unbelievably) have made it this far.

And then I'd open my eyes and yup, I was confronted with reality, we're old, wrinkled and grey haired. But we're still here.

Woop woop

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