October 03, 2010


When it comes right down to it, I am making some serious headway on my goals. I got over, or maybe I should say through, my fear of the dentist and now have a pearly white smile. There will have to be a few adjustments and I find myself learning to chew all over again, but there will be no more abscess, no more gum disease, and they look mmmmarvelous;) win-win

The whole mega mass issue has always been an up and down thing for me, more up than down but c'est la vie. However, I've lost a net of at least 35 pounds since January and I am using the soup soup to stay off the upswing. A balanced diet with all the things I'm supposed to have and an attempt at seriously exerting my will when I want those things that are evil like fires and gravy or KFC and other fast foods goes hand in hand with curtailing the hops calories. It will likely take me 5 years to reach my goal, but it took me 10 to put it on. Another win-win.

I took on a project this summer and found myself banging my head against the wall because I could not find the brain drawer that I put those skills in when I quit using them 4 years ago. There was a soft spot on my desk where I had been banging my head when I realized - ah - why not install dreamweaver. Took me long enough. It's all about the right tools for the job. Job complete - on time, clients happy and so am I. My kitchen renos will now be way less expensive than when I first started planning them. win-win.

And then there's the exercise thing. Historically, every time I start some new regimen, I end up hurting myself. In the last couple of months I've decided to attack it a different way. I take longer steps when I walk. I do more stairs, but let's not kid ourselves, not that many more. I dance around my house. And I've been doing little 5 minute mini exercise breaks at work before coffees and lunch. The best is when I take myself on a photo walk, I get exercise AND I get some new pics. win-win.

and my new glasses are freaking smashing.

So welcome October, I look forward to my 49th birthday, becoming a more concentrated me, and being happy with that woman who stares out of the mirror every morning.

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