October 27, 2010

I am now in the last year of my 40s

with 50 staring me straight in the face. I just want to push 50 down the hill and skip to 55.

Last year the goals were to take off some weight, get my teeth fixed, and actually go to a different country for a vacation. Check, Check Check.

There was some serious transformation goin' on with me last year. I found some very precious lost, well maybe not lost, but definitely stuffed away to the back of the closet, pieces of myself. I now have 4 pink shirts, several very tarty dresses and a renewed dk attitude.

I found my way back, even though I'm still renovating the shape (but really - who isn't?), to loving myself inside and out.

I re-embraced emotional risk-taking and dumped the wishy washy too-safe politically correct socially appropriate responses to direct questions. I enjoy confrontation. I like to argue. I am back to my blunt self and people can love me or take a freakin hike.

I have relinquished my remaining control over my children's lives, my family's lives and my friends lives, and made the choice to interject my pearls of wisdom then stand back and watch the show. Quite a show some days;)

So this year's goals - hmmm. Have fun. Say what I mean. Don't get arrested. Reduce the weight and the debt and take another vacation.

and avoid snow storms.
Happy 49th birthday to me;)


The Lost One said...

And here's hoping you had a mighty fine B-Day m'lady. So sorry I didn't remember it sooner, but you'll find out soon how the memory thing works with us mid-50's folks. It's horrible, it sucks, but the one good thing is, we can't always remember that it's horrible and it sucks. Thank the Big Guy for small mercies I guess eh! LOL!
Many happy returns of the day, although just slightly passed, hope it was just peachy-keen for ya Lady DK!

Abigail Road said...

Sounds like a good plan for a great year. :)

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