July 15, 2009

running out of steam

methinks I need to transform the social butterfly persona into a lear jet in order to keep up.

I've had a few lovely visits with Diane and Brenda - future in laws and a great steak supper with the boy, not to mention a backyard bbq with family for autumn's 11th bday and scrabble with deeanna and cocktails with goldie & crew yeaterday for her 19th.

Family pics today after work and maybe dinner - and Keppel should be arriving from Ottawa today as well.

anyone have a 10 foot pruning arm or a really sharp axe. The tree outside my window is now big enough to scrape its branches along the metall flashing protecting the cable wiring on the outside of the building and it is like fingernails on a chalk board. I just want to sleep for 5 or 6 hours in a row....screeech clickety clack screeeech.

Hopefully I'll make it out to the Jaw this weekend to see the dad and I think the boy might be tagging along as well. )Note to self - don't forget the kids thank you notes for the snorkel gear) and get back into town for Kyllo & Jaime's housewarming.

Sunday is the first meeting of Negril bound to make the decisions on dates etc for our trip in January 2010. I've never been further south than South Dakota - even though I've been across Canada - and AM I EXCITED!!!

Cheers brothers and sisters and enjoy the summer even if it doesn't really feel like it.

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