July 28, 2009

midnite tick tocking by

scccrrreeeccchhhhh .... that is the sound of branches scraping on the metal flashing that protects the cable on the outside of my condo building. multiply nails on a chalkboard by 100000000000. Every time the wins blows. In Saskatchewan. I believe that I am now working on just about two months with very few solid nights sleep except for when I wasn't here or when I crashed from a late night out with the ladies.

I've asked the maintenance guy to prune the freakin tree a week ago. It has been determined that the tree is only 1 foot away from 2 foundation walls so must be removed. But I really really need it pruned before they remove it.

I bought a shiny new axe for camping this year...


Schmutzie said...

It looks like you just might have to do some chopping :)

Pocket.Buddha said...

Have you tried falling asleep with the radio on?

my last apartment had a pigeon problem. . . as in. . . A thousand rats with wings nesting in the awnings over my windows. So i had to fall asleep to music every night to drown out the constant cooing.

On a completely unrelated note, I am putting together some picture frames for the baby's room and was wondering if you have any good photo's of Das Piper and I. . . or Das Piper OR I individually that I could get from you? I know you must have some, you photograph your friends like we're famous rock stars or something. :)

dk said...

you're all famous rock stars to me and I would be happy to peruse the stacks and see what I can come up with dollface!

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