November 30, 2008

blew nablopomo

I made it last year. This year I got sick and didn't go near the 'puter for a few days - after that it seemed pointless.

My life used to have all this extra time for mucking about on the interwebs and it seems that this year I interact directlt with people on a larger scale, and that is a good thing. It is my friends that hold me together on the shakey days. I love the Grace in small things idea but realize that I am not likely to do it every day. Instead, I will do it when I post.

Grace 4:
1. Going out with my friends to DO something and sharing some laughs and generating a good group vibe.
2. Driving around in dakar and relearning my city.
3. Finding travel info for Europe at my fingertips.
4. Enjoying a java with chums - just because.
5. Having a BFF that makes me sunday dinner - mmmm. Lovely.

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