May 04, 2008

spring is sprung

After an evening of fun and frivolity, great chants to the mother goddess, and a fruitful spreading of libations to one and all, another successful pole dancing day came to a glorious and blurry end;) May it bring upon us all a lovely spring, a hot but balanced summer, and an autumn of agrarian bliss.
The moon wanes yet my spirits continue to rise like homemade bread in a warm kitchen. My kids are doing well for themselves, my job is back to normal, and my new -good for the feet - shoes are also good for my posture AND my soul. Begone dastard socks ne'er to darken my drawer with fuzzy bits til the passing of all hallowed e'en.
Unless it gets cold camping....
My friend Clouds is home for a bit and my heart did a little happy dance to see him while it wailed its distress at a missing abigail & smyrysh. Sami will be home soon from Aussie land and the twins will soon be back on the happy deck. Bren brother enjoy the southern exposure but forget us not on dance nite.
My weekend with the granddotter was supercalifrajilistically spectacular. Shop till you drop, fashion and perfumery, several trips to the park, out for supper and a sunny sunday brunch. Ye gods but it's great to be 8 years old!

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