May 01, 2008

happy pole dancing day

Oh happy day the first of May!
My DO tomorrow and Thirstday today.
Load up your bowers with flowers.
Celebrate a wonderful tradition and find your pole and dance the dance of spring and fecundity.

All hail - it may snow but winter is officially dead!

And the magic orange bags arrived yesterday ... I can see the deck at the end of the tunnel ;) and smell that alluring perfume of spilled ale and cigarette butts spreading across the sidewalk on a 30 degree day, with the occasionally blast of exhaust fumes ... heaven on earth;)


Natalie said... totally lured me with the pole dancing day title. i was worried i missed pole dancing day. i seem to miss all the good holidays! turns out i did...but i'm not nearly as disappointed as i could have been. whew.

Schmutzie said...

The deck is being built as I write this! And the birds have been everywhere in greater variety, and I actually like mornings again!

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