January 22, 2008

the dreaded hospital

I have had several horrendous visits and in an attempt at optimism, keep hoping and glory be delilah - i was quite pleasantly surprised!
they called me to come in hours early, great home sooner. less than 10 minutes at registration.
with nurses cracking jokes and being kind and doctors who listened (and this was before the silly juice) and tickety boo the show is on the road ...
i woke up in recovery around 1 - I think. successfully found the calcium chunk that was floating - really teeny compared to the pain it has caused and scraped away the arthritis build up - should be waaaay better than the original;) and was discharged by about 2:30 or so - little hazy there.
i am comfortably ensconced in a nest of pillows, tired but eternally grateful for my dotter and my friends who look after me in spite of myself.
going to sleep now.


Schmutzie said...

I'm so glad it went well.

Both times that the Palinode and I were in that hospital, the nurses were so nice and check-in went so smoothly.

I'm happy that a lot of your pain will be gone. How long's your recovery?

Abigail Road said...

How long are you going to be stuck at home for?

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