January 02, 2008

day 2 of the newest year

the crew all chipped in and had a New Year, Darrell's bday, Dana's bday and tossed in KevinH's bday for good measure new year's eve. hosted at D&J's, they invited us all in and Jillie even lifted the "don't smoke in the house ban" on account of the cold. the hot tub was a wash but the guitar hero competition in the basement raised both the floor and the roof ;)

plenty of tasty bits and horse durvers - snacks and salads - great company and fun with the family we got to choose. like any other family we have our own dysfunctional members (most of us) and we look after each other when there is a difficulty. there were about 30 of us before the kidlet count and there were over a dozen MIAs!(and sorely missed they were)

man - it was LOUD! and the basement was even louder (like a wedding at the farm) ... heh heh heh - must be gettin' old. the birthday songs were sung, if slightly off key (like many of our jokes) and WTF? - we couldn't find a count down on the TV at midnight. so we improvised as usual and did it twice, with extra midnight kisses all around. when I left around 3am, a few people had roused from their little power naps, the upstairs crew were chillin, the kitchen was like a campfire chat and the basement was still rockin' out.

up early round 8 or so and got the laundry done, started on making arrangements for when i go in for the knee fix, put away my presents THANKEE THANKEE & made the traditional new years day calls. waited for my ride to show up at noon to go to Earl's for margarita's - but no go, must have been catching up and I was not going to be the one to wake her. decided to start the new year with a clean house and washed some floors, cleaned my room, & took the tree half down (you need to realize that it takes 2 people over 3 hours just to hang the decorations never mind the garland and the lights) which i will attempt to finish tonight.

went to be early but could not get to sleep so i read until some ungodly hour of the morning... and now it's off to the first day of work in this new year (1 more and I get an extra week of paid vacation) and i cleared most of my desk before I left on Monday. yay me!

the best of years to everyone in 2008!


i am the diva said...

Man!! i think Guitar Hero was the New year's activity of 2007!! almost everyone i know had some kind of Guitar Hero party. it's so awesome.

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

wench said...

i want a piano hero game .... or drumming - now THAT would be cool ;)

Abigail Road said...

We should all chip in and get that game Rock Star....then more than one person could play at a time.

It was a great New Year's. And nice not to have to clean up the house of pain in the morning for the first time in years! ha!

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