July 04, 2011

kitchen down, onto the bath ...

Huge thanks to everyone who's lent a hand or rather knees to my kitchen project - Seven and a half years in the planning and it's brilliant. Custom oak cabinetry up to the 10 ft ceilings. Metal grilled door inserts, china cabinet, several extra feet of counter space, big deep pot drawers, all painted a deep deep red with lots of stainless accents and appliances. The floor has been all retiled as well. So thanks Brian, Fusion Woodworks, Chris and Mikey.

So now I am going to have the tub relined, replace the old 2 faucet wall sink with a more modern 1 faucet model and new lino. After taht - or during, I am doing some plaster work in Living room and Master and then Chris will paint that as well.

So I can sell it in the late spring early summer next year.

Forward ho!

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