March 07, 2010

lazy sunday

After blowing all my plans for a Saturday evening out for a birthday party, a trip to McNally's with KD and the crew, and some late night karaoke, by laying down for a one hour nap - and being totally oblivious to the alarm clock OR the phone, I managed to sleep from 6 pm to 7 am this morning and then promptly when back to bed until 10am. It doesn't catch me up for the sleep I missed the rest of the week but it certainly FEELS BETTER. Now I'll have to catch up to the bday girls to deliver belated gifts.

However, I did wake up to well timed phone call and got a leavening of sugar to begin my day, always good. I made a list of all the things that I need to get done, and accomplishes exactly one of them;)

The laundry while sorted has not levitated itself to the basement, the kitchen floor is still wailing for the damp mop, and the plants would be sobbing for hydration if any were to be found. My T4 remains on the missing list as my tax software glares accusingly from the top shelf, the front door still squeals its animosity awaiting some WD40, and the dust-bunnies are seriously amused at my sloth.

Hmmmm, I find myself deaf to their pleading and whining for me to be productive. Blue mountain coffee for breakfast and a couple of cigarettes, a little reading, catching up on the email, worked through some more pictures, put the roast in the oven, wasted several hours away on crackbook, and am now enjoying some 12 year old Appleton Rum straight from Jamaica. Miss the island mon.

So I'll finish cooking dindin, I MIGHT get the laundry in if there is ever an open space and then I believe I'll kick back and watch the Oscars in my jammies. It's the first 5 day week since christmas next week and It'sa gonna be a looong one.

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