April 06, 2009

a new week

So here's to hoping that the last few weeks were the end of the body's traitorous acquisitions of various virii.

Work's not too behind, I made this killer homemade coconut cream pie with hand toasted coconut... mmmmmm. Low fat - no added sugar(splenda) and mostly milk so it's even good for you ;) I was however forced to remember that I smashed to smithereens, my mom's deep dish glass pie pan in December, and have yet to replace it. So I used my round enamel roaster, worked great and even has a lid that doesn't interfere with the whipped cream.

Off to MJ on Thursday to stay with my dad for a few days while his wife is out of town and then back for easter with the grands. Mandy is cooking the ham for Sunday. A nice little family gathering.

However, between the family diversions I do intend to take Saturday nite off and visit my friends I haven't seen in what seems like forever and pop down to the pub as well. mmmm Guinness, I missed you too.


jo said...

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!!!

dk said...

Thanks darlin' you too!

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