January 20, 2009

almost hump day

Has anyone else noticed that the winter blues have kicked hard into gear - even though we've got this lovely little warm spell (warm equals warmer than -20C) Nice enough one day to make some puddles ;) I love puddles - especially first thing on a frosty morning when the icy skin is like fragile 100 year old glass. It crackles happily when you crush it, but sometimes you can hear the moan of it bending to the point of fracture - fighting for its physical integrity all the way.

As you can see I am easily distracted by shiny things even if I am the only one who can see them. Makes any attempt at meditation totally pointless, unless perhaps just a stream of consciousness release? Well it's an option.

Wells - smothering voids rank with the decay of earthly erosion or wellsprings of life. You decide. For me - it depends on the day, hour, minute ... Ding dong dell, pussy's in the well...

I haven't heard the bells on the glockenshpiel recently, I wonder if they turn it off in the winter or if their clappers are frozen? One of the best things about sunday morning is the intoning of the local church bells - all at odds with one another ... religious cacophony.

Celebrate difference.

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