December 17, 2007

on the 4th day of christmas

my true love gave to me -

Four fro-zen fingers (do not drop a smoke in a fluffy snowbank as the hand heat will get it wet)
Three winter coughs
Two wobbly feet
and a set of dead lights in my tree.

the OLA doubleD party was a roaring success thanks to all those who stopped by and hugs to those who didn't make it. it made me realize how much i love to entertain. and i now know the seating volume comfort limit of most of the rooms in our place. living room 12-14, office 6, bedrooms half a dozen, kitchen 2, smoking deck 5-6. At one point there was just about 30 people there. lovely lovely lovely.

y'all just made my week.


Abigail Road said...

It was a great party. And the die for. I'm still wishing I would have run off with the rest of the cheeseball!

wench said...

heh heh heh - that was lunch and nibbles on Sunday and Monday ;) Easy to make - want the recipe?

Pocket.Buddha said...

I would love the recipe!!! and I just want to say that the party was awesome, and if I ever get around to actually decorating a place (aka. staying in one place longer than 6 months), I am going to ask for your help! The colours, textures, and all around vibe of your place make it feel comfortable and inviting.

wench said...

anytime sweetie - love to colour ;)
happy santa!

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